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Choose to be Mario or Luigi as you explore the virtual world and earn coins

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Super Mario is a 2D platform game that captures the magic of the original Nintendo classic.

This title is packed with enemies from the legendary video game series, and all of the iconic worlds are presented for a nostalgic thrill. Fans of the Mario franchise will be thrilled by this amazing re-creation of the ultimate side-scrolling series. The controls in Super Mario are incredibly simple, but the game is still difficult to master. A lot of the environments will challenge players to demonstrate precise timing with their jumps and attacks if they want to complete Mario's quest.

Overall, Super Mario provides a stunning emulation of the most famous character in video game history. This title bears a close resemblance to “Super Mario World,” which first appeared on the SNES over two decades ago. This release even utilizes the same pixelated graphics that made Nintendo a household name in 1990.

There are countless worlds to explore in Super Mario, and each one contains dozens of unique stages with progressively more dangerous obstacles and bad guys. Players are only granted a few lives, so getting to the end of this game can be quite challenging. Instant death is an exceedingly common theme. You can lose a life by merely touching an enemy, and many courses make it easy to die by plunging into an endless abyss. All it takes is one missed jump, and you will be sent straight back to the beginning of a tough level.

This version of the game unfortunately does not contain an in-game saving mechanism, so it is wise for gamers to dedicate a lengthy session if they want to win against Bowser and rescue Princess Peach. Of course, Yoshi does occasionally accompany Mario on his mission, but the notorious plumber is typically left to save Mushroom Kingdom on his own.

There are plenty of secret stages for players to discover, and many levels offer multiple paths to victory. Your course through this expansive title often depends on what direction you take through certain stages. This adds tons of replay value, especially since gamers are encouraged to find alternative routes through levels that might lead to hidden worlds.

In Super Mario, the port's original graphics and controls are also joined by a delightful remix of the memorable musical score. Even the wonderful sound effects are brought back to maximize the trip down memory lane. Old-school gamers and newcomers alike will love everything that this Windows game has to offer.


  • Faithfully revives the Super Nintendo arcade classic for Windows
  • Contains all of the original characters, levels and power-ups
  • Relies on familiar controls to be accessible to all players
  • Uses the original 8-bit music and graphics to guarantee nostalgia


  • Impossible to save game in progress
  • It's too easy to die and there aren't enough lives
  • The low number of playable characters is limiting

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